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With more than ten-year expertise in terms of market survey, market research, industry research and investment consulting services, CIConsulting is a leading professional institution in the field of industry research in China. “To make the investment safer and business operation more stable” is the core value of CIConsulting to serve its clients.

For more than ten years, CIConsulting has provided professional services ranging from industry research reports, project investment consultation to competition information research to tens of thousands of organizations covering government institutions, banks, research institutes, industry associations, consulting firms, group corporations and various investment companies, which have been widely recognized by our clients.

At present, the business scope of CIConsulting mainly covers the services in terms of investment consultation, project feasibility analysis, industry research, market research and market survey etc. We have become a multi-level and multi-dimensional comprehensive information consulting institution. CIConsulting is now striding towards internationalization and striving for becoming an internationally leading information consulting institution in 5 to 10 years ahead.

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